February 2016 Foodie Penpal reveal

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Early on this month, I received an email from Faye.  She informed me that she was my Foodie Penpal this month.  It was her first assignment since joining the gang, so we exchanged a few notes, and off she went.  I started thinking about the first parcel I sent out several years ago when I first joined, and I am almost ashamed of what I sent in comparison to what I received from Faye this month.

My parcel arrived this week, wrapped safely in a green plastic coat with decorative, dotty sticky tape.

Dottily adorned plastic.

Dottily adorned plastic.

I couldn’t wait to get it open!

And like a great ‘pass the parcel’ game, I had another layer to get through.

Bee kitties

Bumblebee kitties


This layer revealed a box wrapped in these cool cats that I first thought looked like giant bumble bees. However on closer inspection, I decided they were more like inmates . They were very cute though!

Faye sent me a card to ‘introduce’ the box.

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She writes to explain a few things, but importantly, she tells me that her son helped in the shopping task, and even gave me a little puzzle to get me to figure out which item her son chose.  I have to admit now that I cheated and read the answer before I looked at the rest of the box.  I’m so ashamed . . . (not really).

So the first thing I pulled out of the box was a box of chai tea.  Ironically, I had been introduced to chai tea last weekend, and really, really liked it.


So of course I was delighted to get my own stash.  It is a very warming drink, gently spiced, so a really nice change from my usual mug of builder’s tea.

And this went perfectly with the next thing I pulled out.

What's better than butter?

What’s better than butter?

These cookies . . . er . . . biscuits literally melt in your mouth.  Such a great pairing with a nice cup of chai.

Next came the interesting part.  I’ve never seen this, and I can’t wait to try it.

All that glitters . . .

All that glitters . . .

In my mind, you can never go wrong with a bit of glitter, be it on your clothes, in your hair, on your nails.  So why not in your jelly?  Glitter jelly and ice cream has to be a winner.

I then pulled out these two cocktail napkins which made me giggle all afternoon.

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My BFF from was visiting me from Chicago on the day this package arrived, and we especially loved the one about the ‘friends’.

Next to come out of the magic box was a smaller box.

Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin in ANYTHING is a great, great thing.  This looks fantastic.

Tucked in behind the pumpkin risotto (do you say ‘riz-oh-to’ or ‘riz-ah-to’???) was this little gem.

Pork Rib BBQ rub

Pork Rib BBQ rub

I like any kind of rub or marinade, so this was a great find.  It says it’s for pork ribs, but I think it could also be used on chicken or beef.  But pork ribs will do just fine for me, thank you very much.

The next thing I pulled out set me up nicely for the next morning.

Bursting oats

Bursting oats

Whoever invented the one-cup of instant oats gets my blessing.  No weighing.  No measuring.  Just add boiling water.

And finally came the item that Faye’s son, Ben, chose for me (or possibly his mother wrenched it from his hands).

Nutella to go!

Nutella to go!

Anything that allows you to eat this while walking out the door, riding on the train, sitting on a bus, etc, must get the thumbs-up from everyone.  So thank you, Ben, for your contribution.  I know you’re going to make someone a very good foodie penpal later on in life!

So a fabulous, fantastic and wonderful first attempt at the Foodie Penpal, Faye.  Well done, you.  I just hope your package was just as special.  Thank you for a GREAT February parcel.

If you are reading this and would like to find out more about the Foodie Penpal set-up, you can find what you want to know here.

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