January 2015 Foodie Penpal


Okay, okay – I know it’s almost mid February, and a bit late to be posting about January, but my January penpal Hayley (and Clive) put together a box that is too special to miss out.

My box, last month, came from Yorkshire. Yorkshire’s a place I’ve visited a couple of times, but never really invested in my surroundings while I was there. So Hayley (and Clive) decided I needed a taste of their home. Hayley did a great job. On the top, and really the first to be consumed almost immediately, were two bags of crisps.


Great flavours!

The Chardonnay Wine Vinegar flavour was really good, but I think edging it slightly was the Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce flavour. These didn’t last long at all.

Next out of the box was some Yorkshire tea. I always associated Yorkshire tea with real ‘builder’s tea’ kind of fayre. But I’ve been proved wrong on that count.


Yorkshire Rose Tea

This tea is really delicately flavoured. I never would have thought to try this, so I’m so grateful I ‘forced’ into it. You won’t have to ask me twice. I’m rationing this one as I really look forward to my tea break with this tea.

Next, from Sheffield, came honey. Honey doesn’t last long in this household – especially the spreading kind.


Sheffield Honey

This is smooth and sweet, and perfect on my morning toast. It also really compliments the rose tea I mentioned earlier. With so many benefits for eating honey, you can’t go wrong with this.

After we polished off the crisps so quickly, I was pleased to pull out the next item from the box. Hayley sent a box of Roquefort Cheese Melts.

Cheese Melts

Roquefort Cheese Melts

These are absolutely delicious. A little, powerful, crunchy, bite-size treat, which goes really well with a glass of wine before dinner.

The next thing I pulled out were a bag of Hayley’s local chocolates.


Now this is what I call a plate full of goodness!

Chocolates are always the perfect thing to send anyone at any time. And these were a beautiful blend of all different combinations. You did a great job picking them out, Hayley – well done!

And finally, perhaps the most local of the lot, was a bottle of Henderson’s Relish.


Henderson’s Relish

This looks like ordinary Worcester sauce, but it’s SO not. It’s got a real different slant than the popular brand we always pick up off the shelf. I have already added it to many things, and it’s got a much richer flavour. I really like this. But I knew I’d like it, if the aforementioned crisps were anything to go on!

So thank you, Hayley, for all your contributions. You did yourself (and your home) proud. You put together a true representation of your surroundings, and each item was carefully and thoughtfully put together. Well done to my January Foodie Penpal.

4 thoughts on “January 2015 Foodie Penpal

  1. Glad you liked it. Clive’s such a fan of Henderson’s, he should really be on the payroll for the amount of times he extols it’s virtues! Give us a shout when you run out and we’ll pop a bottle in the post! X

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