Scents and Sensibility

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Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn Tree

One of the delights of working from home is I get to walk through my garden in the morning (which doesn’t take that long). But I can take in the heady scent of the hawthorn trees that line the northern perimeter. I particular like this scent as it reminds me of moving into this house, which was right about this time of year twelve years ago. The hawthorns were in full bloom and it was as if someone was spritzing a giant atomiser of pure tranquility. Mixing that with the three lilacs planted shortly after moving in, it’s a fine way to start the day. I also get to check on the little plants I’ve stuck in the ground, and I even sometimes get to marvel at the little seedlings breaking through the earth to get some sun. Unfortunately, I appear to have a very short attention span, and I usually can’t remember what seeds I put down by the time they’ve started to grow. Makes for an interesting discovering though! I do have a greenhouse full of little label makers and sticks that you can write on to tell you what you’ve done, but where’s the fun in that?

Our new Foodie Penpal list has just been sent out, and I’m always so excited to get this. I shall post later on this month what I’m sending out to my recipient and also what I have been sent by the penpal assigned to me.

In the meantime, I’ll start thinking about my weekend. It’s Wednesday, so I think that’s a fair time to start thinking about the weekend. If you wait until Thursday, it’s almost too late to start thinking. And well Friday – you can forget it. Your thinking should be finished by then and a plan of action laid. So – the best time to start thinking is definitely Wednesday. I am taking a pastry course this weekend, so I imagine I’ll have to post some crusty things later in the month to prove I successfully completed the day.

Until then, I’ll maybe have one more turn around the garden.

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